Hipotronics TDR1150 Time Domain Reflectometer

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Hipotronics Model TDR1150 is the most advanced and powerful cable fault-locating tool on the market. Used together with a suitable high voltage coupling device, the TDR1150 accurately prelocates high voltage cable faults in underground transmission and distribution cable systems.
  • Multi-Purpose Device - has ability to pre-locate, locate and diagnose cable faults
  • Easy to Use - device walks user through test procedure; in 5 easy steps you've located the fault
  • Compatibility - TDR1150 can be used with most other High Voltage Couplers
  • PC Software and Serial Port - included with standard unit provides long-term storage, evaluation of test results, defining of test protocols and simple software upgrading
  • Reduce Outage Time - by quickly locating cable faults you reduce outage time and get power back to your customers sooner
  • Reduce Cable Damage - using a TDR reduces thumping and therefore damage to the cable