Megger CFL535F TDR Time Domain Reflectometer

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Rent Megger CFL535F TDR - Time Domain Reflectometer
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Megger CFL535F
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CFL535F Datasheet
The Megger CFL535F TDR is an advanced instrument capable of identifying a wide range of cable faults using Time Domain Reflectometry.

The CFL535F can be used on any cable consisting of at least two insulated metallic elements, one of which may be the sheath or shield of the cable. Dual inputs and large graphic display allow a wide range of comparative tests to be performed between cable pairs or stored traces. The instrument has 15 trace memories, which allows previous test results to be displayed. The included download software allows transfer of the waveform data to a computer, for analysis and storage for future reference.
Megger CFL535F Features
  • Dual input and output ports
  • 15 internal memory positions
  • RS-232 interface to a PC or printer (included software)
  • Help menu
  • 5 user selectable pulse widths per range
  • Trace averaging