Megger T3090 Time Domain Reflectometer

Rent Megger T3090 Time Domain Reflectometer
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Megger T3090
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T3090 Datasheet
The Megger T3090 is designed to be the most user-friendly radar on the market. Using a radar to pre-locate faults will save time and reduce cable damage. Advanced features include One Button Operation, Automatic Gain and a Large Color Screen. The T3090 will automatically ‘read’ the cable and display the fault distance with a single thump. The interactive ‘Step-By-Step Easy Mode’ will help train (or re-train) the occasional user while he is on the job! The optional ‘Sectionalize Mode’ will quickly sectionalize faults in loops or radial systems.
Megger T3090 Features
  • 0-25,000 ft continuous
  • Automatic or manual range selection
  • Optional sectionalizing