MOHR CT100HF High Resolution TDR Cable Tester

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The MOHR CT100HF High Resolution TDR Cable Tester is the industry's highest-resolution portable metallic TDR, designed for testing all coaxial and twisted-pair cables and interconnects used in modern microwave/RF and digital systems. It is the only portable instrument that exceed all TDR specifications of the Tektronix 1502C Metallic TDR Cable Tester, while providing next-generation improvements in TDR analysis, data storage, connectivity, and ergonomics. The Mohr CT100HF features 8-10x sharper spatial resolution and 100-1000x better Distance-to-Fault (DTF) resolution than competing TDR instruments, and have multi-GHz bandwidth similar to competing FDR (Frequency-Domain Reflectometer) instruments with similar or better cable fault sensitivity and orders-of-magnitude better DTF precision. The Mohr CT100HF has a unique combination of fast system risetime, high-resolution timebase, and precision 16-bit impedance measurements, which allow you to identify and correct subtle changes in cable and connector performance before system failure.