MOHR CT100B TDR Cable Analyzer

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Rent MOHR CT100B TDR Cable Analyzer
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CT100B Datasheet
MOHR CT100B TDR Cable Analyzers provide state-of-the-art TDR measurements in a rugged portable package. These instruments are ideal for precision testing of all types of coaxial, twisted‐pair, and multiconductor cables in the field or the lab.
MOHR CT100B Features
  • Rugged portable TDR with S‐parameter tools
  • Resolves connector detail ( <1 cm)
  • 75 µm (0.003 in.) cursor resolution
  • 16‐bit digital sampling at up to 250 KSPS
  • Stores thousands of TDR traces
  • USB host/client, 10/100 Ethernet
  • Lightweight, bright color screen
  • Internet streaming and remote control