MOHR CT100 Series High Resolution TDR Cable Testers

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The MOHR CT100 Series High Resolution TDR Cable Testers are the industry's most capable and versatile tools for troubleshooting and maintenance of modern microwave/RF and digital communications cables and interconnects. With ultrawideband step‐pulse architecture and 16‐bit digital sampling, these instruments can detect subtle cable faults before they impair system performance. With the ability to resolve faults and interconnect and PCB features located less than 9 mm (CT100HF) or 14 mm (CT100) apart, CT100 Series TDRs have spatial resolution many times sharper than competing TDR and FDR instruments. Scan a cable or portion of a cable at high‐resolution (up to millions of points); later,translate and rescale for comparison to other scanned or live traces, either on the device itself or on the included CT Viewer™ TDR analysis software package