IFI T186-50 TWT Amplifier | 6 GHz – 18 GHz, 50 W

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The IFI T186-50 is a TWT amplifier that operates over a frequency range of 6 GHz to 18 GHz and possesses a power rating of 50W. IFI T186-50 amplifiers offer leading-edge RF performance, incorporating the mature design of the T-50 series in their control and monitoring features. The IFI T186-50 offers a full suite of RF protection systems including high VSWR, over-current and voltage protection along with redundant thermal and airflow sensors to prevent the TWT from overheating. Users operate the T186-50 with a sophisticated and easy-to-use interface. The system’s backlit LCD screen shows forward/reverse power indication, system status and self-diagnostic information.