Empower 2198 Solid State Amplifier 20 MHz - 6 GHz, 100 W

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The Empower 2198 Solid State Amplifier performs at a range of 20-6000MHz and produces 100W of output power and 49 dB of gain. Empower 2198 units are tri-band amplifiers technicians utilize to conduct high-bandwidth, pulse, modulated and high-power CW testing and measurement, generating 100-240V of AC energy in their single phase setting. A combination of high-power GaN and LDMOS technology make for high gain and peak power capability, low distortion levels and a wide range for frequency response.  The single-chasses housing is complete with a 3RU drawer featuring air cooling. A built-in, remotely managed monitoring system gives technicians the diagnostics and site status display and control via the Ethernet port. The Empower 2198 Solid State Amplifier's individual IP address both increases accessibility and provides multi-tiered security. An OS control system serves as the unit's core, and can be expanded via the extended memory option.