Rohde Schwarz SMR40 Microwave Signal Generator

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The Rohde Schwarz SMR40 family comprises four base models designed as CW generators with pulse modulation capability. The four models have a common lower frequency limit of 1 GHz and provide frequency coverage up to 20 GHz (SMR20), 27 GHz (SMR27), 30 GHz (SMR 30) and 40 GHz ( ̧SMR40). The lower limit can be expanded to 10 MHz by the optional Frequency Extension 0.01 GHz to 1 GHz (SMR-B11).

Offering an excellent price/performance ratio, each of the four base models is ideal for the user wishing to enter the field of microwave testing at an afford- able price. Should the measurement tasks become more demanding, the base models can be upgraded any time by means of options to give an AM/FM signal generator or a synthesized sweep generator featuring fast, fully synthesized, analog ramp sweep.

The Rohde Schwarz SMR40 stands out from other generators for its excellent spectral purity. Advanced frequency synthesis with fractional-N divider makes for low SSB phase noise and high spurious suppression, both of which are for example prerequisites for reliable receiver measurements. Modern microwave filters in the output path of the instrument ensure excellent harmonics suppression. This is necessary to obtain conclusive results in scalar network analysis measurements.

Microwave signal generators are frequently used for calibrating test receivers. This task calls for a highly accurate and stable output level settable with high resolution. This is ensured by a high-precision, frequency-response-compensated level control for levels higher than –20 dBm. The setting range can be extended to –130 dB with the optional RF Attenuator SMR-B15 or SMR-B17.