IFI T2618-40 Millimeter TWT Amplifier, 18 GHz - 26.5 GHz, 40 Watts

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The IFI T2618-40 Millimeter TWT Amplifier is a sophisticated traveling wave tube (TWT) amplification device that generates 40 W of rated power and operates at a frequency range of 18 - 26.5 GHz. Wielding a P1dB power of 20 W/min. and a minimum gain of 46 dB/min., the IFI T2618-40 features Instruments for Industry's signature accessible interface and modular design while providing full RF and hardware protection systems. VSWR and over-current / voltage protection is built in, and redundant thermal and airflow sensors prevent overheating. For connecting to your PC, an RS-232 and IEEE-48 interface is built in. The IFI T2618-40 displays diagnostic information, forward and reverse power indication, system status and more on a backlit LCD screen. Technicians rent these devices to fulfill standards like MIL-STD-461 RI for industries like aerospace and defense.