Keysight 4395A Time Gated VNA and Spectrum Analyzer

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Rent 4395A Time Gated Spectrum Analysis
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Keysight 4395A
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Manual 4395A Datasheet Specifications

The 4395A provides excellent RF vector network, spectrum, and optional impedance measurements for audio, baseband, HF, VHF, and IF applications. Gain, phase, group delay, distortion, spurious, CN ratio, and noise measurements often required for evaluating components and circuits can be measured using one instrument.

With Option 1D6: With Time Gated Spec Analysis
Keysight 4395A Features
  • Full-vector network and spectrum measurement and analysis
  • Wide dynamic range network measurement with fast sweep speeds
  • +-0.05dB/+-0.3deg.dynamic magnitude/phase accuracy
  • Extremely fast narrowband spectrum measurement
  • Impedance analysis option and test kit available
  • -145dB m/Hz sensitivity for spectrum analysis
  • Built-in Keysight instrument BASIC for easy test automation
  • Time-gated spectrum analysis option
  • Color TFT display and built-in disk drive/RAM disk