Keysight E5061B ENA Vector Network Analyzer

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The Keysight E5061B ENA vector network analyzer is designed for signal analysis on electronic components and circuits ranging from low frequency to high frequency. Test engineers can select the configuration best for their test from several different options: 100 kHz – 1.5 GHz/ 3 GHz, 2-port, 50 or 75 ohm, transmission/reflection or S-parameter test sets. E5061B signal analyzers offer powerful signal analysis performance founded in the RF characteristics of the E5061/62A. A variety of test set options are available depending on the user’s application and price range. Across the system options, enhanced digital processing and a small footprint are constants, improving the throughput and efficiency of RF component testing. Cellular BTS filters and antennas, MRI coils, RFIDs, and CATV components are just a few of the RF components operators can test with the E5061B. Keysight E5061B VNAs are ideal for test applications in the communications, aerospace, defense, computer, medical, automotive, and CATV fields.