LeCroy WaveRunner 620Zi Digital Oscilloscope

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Rent LeCroy WaveRunner 620Zi Digital Oscilloscope
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LeCroy 620Zi
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620Zi Datasheet
The WaveRunner 6 Zi oscilloscope family features 400 MHz - 4 GHz of bandwidth, 40 GS/s sampling rate, exceptional signal fidelity, and fast operation, helping to get the job done quickly and accurately. The versatile toolset provides every necessity for an engineer to validate a design, debug errors at board bring up, and offer powerful analysis capabilities to characterize an embedded system. The WaveRunner 6 Zi is the ultimate debug machine.

The WaveRunner 620 Zi defines superiority in a test instrument. The powerful feature set includes a wide range of application packages, advanced triggering to isolate events, a user interface developed for quick and easy navigation, a wide range of probing options, and lightning-fast performance.

The LeCroy WaveRunner 620 Zi offers the most tools for serial data analysis. With over 17 trigger, decode, and compliance solutions, WaveRunner 620 Zi can address problems with unique, powerful views and automated tools. The unique measurement toolset, ProtoSync, combines the oscilloscope view with a simultaneous view of data link layer decodes on the same instrument.
LeCroy 620Zi Features
  • 2 GHz bandwidth
  • Up to 20 GS/s sample rate
  • 12.1” touch screen display
  • Advanced Tools
    • Spectrum Analyzer Mode
    • WaveScan
    • Search and Find
    • LabNotebook Documentation and Report Generation
    • History Mode - Waveform Playback
  • Comprehensive set of serial data analysis, debug, validation and com - pliance tools
  • Advanced Triggering with TriggerScan and Measurement Trigger
  • WaveRunner 620MZi complete debug bundle available
  • 18 digital channels with 2 GS/s
    • Analog and Digital Cross-Pattern Triggering
    • Digital Pattern Search and Find
    • Analog and Digital Timing Measurements
    • Logic Gate Emulation
    • Activity Indicators