LeCroy WaveRunner 64 Xi Oscilloscope 600 MHz, 4 Ch

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Rent LeCroy WaveRunner 64 Xi Oscilloscope 600 MHz, 4 Ch
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LeCroy WaveRunner 64 Xi
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The LeCroy WaveRunner 64 Xi Oscilloscope 600 MHz, 4 Ch gives you everything with no compromises — great performance, big display, and small footprint along with WaveStream fast viewing mode, enhanced standard trigger capability, and much more. WaveRunner 64 Xi is the perfect solution whether signals are fast or slow. No matter what the needs are, the WaveRunner 64 Xi can be put to work for precision, performance, and capability. The WaveRunner 64 Xi provides the highest value for everyday characterization, validation, and debug. Whether it's debugging circuits with a mix of slow and high-speed signals, or performing signal integrity checks on high-speed clock and data signals, the WaveRunner 64 Xi has the right toolset that is easily applied.
LeCroy WaveRunner 64 Xi Features
  • Sequence Acquisition Mode to optimize capture, viewing, and understanding of events that are spaced far apart in time.
  • Extensive pass/fail capability with multiple conditions and limits, and flexibility to choose the action that is enabled when the conditions are satisfied.
  • Creation of user-customized measurement parameters or math functions using Excel, MATLAB, Mathcad or VBScripts.
  • Characterization of PWM signals and other data in a graphical mode (Track) to enable fast understanding of signal modulation or behavior (optional).