Keysight MSO9404A Infiniium Oscilloscope, 4 GHz / 4 CH

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The Keysight MSO9404A Infiniium Oscilloscope has an analog bandwidth of 500 MHz to 4 GHz and is equipped with a 15” XGA display. The unit features 4 high-performance scope channels and 20 GSa/s high sample rates, ensuring precise representation of the analog characteristics and superior viewing of signals. The MSO9404A Infiniium Oscilloscope is engineered for broad measurement capability and available to meet test requirements for diverse applications. With 16 fully integrated, time-aligned digital channels, the unit offers insight into timing relationships and allows precise triggering. The optional integrated protocol viewers are available to quickly isolate physical layer issues causing errors. The MSO9404A Infiniium Oscilloscope is customizable with a debug function and compliance packages to tailor the scope to operator's needs.