LeCroy HDO6104A High Definition Oscilloscope

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The LeCroy HDO6104A High Definition Oscilloscope offers incredible signal details and clear waveforms to create a device that only presents precise measurements. The HDO6104A oscilloscope uses 4 input channels and a bandwidth that can reach 1 GHz for excellent debugging capabilities in high definition. A 10 GS/s sample rate lets users examine measurements with incredible detail, working with the HD4096 12-bit technology to accurately display both signals and waveforms.

Even with those precise measurements, the LeCroy HDO6104A High Definition Oscilloscope uses an advanced user interface to further investigate those details. MAUI with OneTouch technology both speeds up setup time and allows users to make adjustments to the oscilloscope with ease. The HDO6104A combines exact measurements with a smooth user experience to create a much faster time to insight.