NetScout OneTouch AT G2 Network Assistant

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All-in-one: a handheld tester combining infrastructure, network service and end-to-end path performance measurement in one tool.

Versatile: dual 10/100/1G copper/fiber Ethernet test ports and an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi radio for use in multiple environments.

Fast: all tests within an AutoTest profile are run and graded automatically with the touch of a button, enabling identification of the most common problems in about a minute.

Accurate: site-specific AutoTest profiles emulate how client devices experience the network, including local, intranet and cloud-hosted services.

Consistent: everyone on the team uses the same preconfigured profiles to encourage standardization and best practices.

Network aware: wired and Wi-Fi discovery and analysis provides visibility into connected devices, key device properties and problems.

Authoritative: measure end-to-end path performance prior to the deployment of new services or network infrastructure to assess network readiness and post deployment to prove SLA compliance.

VoIP capable: troubleshoot desktop VoIP problems in real-time with inline call monitoring, logging and scoring.

Capture friendly: wired and Wi-Fi packet capture streamlines collaboration and escalation of the most complex issue. Capture wireline traffic using a tap, a mirror port or avoid complexity by using the OneTouch inline capture tool. Use the powerful AP, channel or client capture filters to capture the right packets for Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

Cloud enabled: AutoTest results are sent to the OneTouch AT Cloud Service to establish a path performance baseline, to perform more rigorous network acceptance testing and to troubleshoot intermittent problems – when and where it is convenient.