Fluke DSX2-5000 CableAnalyzer Copper Cable Certifier

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The Fluke DSX2-5000 CableAnalyzer Copper Cable Certifier accelerates copper certification, fiber optic loss, OTDR testing, and fiber end-face inspections. Fluke DSX 2-5000 CableAnalyzers enable the testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system, regardless of whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II, with limits up to 1000 MHz. 

Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with system design and ends with system acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you’ll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down – setting up the tester incorrectly, testing to the wrong limits, waiting for skilled technicians to analyze and troubleshoot failures, misinterpretation of results, and producing test reports that customers cannot understand. As part of the Versiv cabling certification product family, the Fluke DSX2-5000 CableAnalyzer copper provides accurate, error-free certification.