Netscout OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant

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The Netscout OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant is an automated network troubleshooting tool that empowers IT professional teams to effectively validate and troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi access networks. The Netscout OneTouch AT 10G Network Assistant reduces the time network technicians spend validating and troubleshooting network performance problems. OneTouch AT units provide all-in-one testing for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, network service and application performance. Multiple AutoTest profiles can be pre-defined by engineers so that field technicians can quickly validate a complete set of key parameters from the end user’s perspective and follow standardize troubleshooting procedures. Netscout OneTouch AT instruments deliver a superior ROI by reducing problem solving time with a three-step process. The AutoTest standardizes and reduces validation test time from hours to minutes and empowers less skilled technicians to be productive. For tougher problems, Netscout OneTouch AT instruments provide a complete set of troubleshooting tools for Gigabit, fiber optic and Wi-Fi networks, from cable/RF health to application performance testing. Reduce project risk and troubleshooting time through collaborative workflow between field team and network owner with one-touch reporting, inline packet capture, and web remote control.