Noiseken ESS-L1611 16kV ESD Simulator

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Noiseken ESS-L1611 16kV has been replaced by the Noiseken ESS-S3011 30kV.

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The Noiseken ESS-L1611 ESD Simulator with attachable light weight discharge gun has an output voltage that can be selected to a max of 16kV and is compliant to the EN/IEC61000-4-2 Standard.
  • 06-00073A: CR unit (150pF - 330Ω) for GT-30R
  • 06-00074A: CR unit (150pF - 2kΩ) for GT-30R
  • 06-00075A: CR unit (330pF - 330kΩ) for GT-30R
  • 06-00076A: CR unit (330pF - 2kΩ) for GT-30R
  • 06-00077A: CR unit (500pF - 0Ω) for GT-30R
  • 06-00078A: CR unit (150pF - 500Ω) for GT-30R
  • 06-00079A: CR unit (100pF - 1.5kΩ) for GT-30R
  • 06-00080A: CR unit (200pF - 0Ω) for GT-30R
  • 03-00068A: Electric field adaptor for GT-30R
  • 03-00069A: Magnetic field adaptor for GT-30R
  • 03-00070A: Magnetic field loop adaptor for GT-30R
  • 03-00071A: Gun head for constant 330Ω test to GT-30R
  • 03-00072A: Gun head for constant 2kΩ test to GT-30R
  • 03-00073A: Fast rise time adaptor for GT-30R
  • 03-00074A: Conversion adaptor for GT-30R to be fixed with probe stand
    • Discharge gun holder
    • Extension cable 3m for discharge gun
  • 12-00007A: Discharge tip (conical for GT-30R)
  • 12-00008A: Discharge tip (round for GT-30R)
  • 12-00009A: Discharge tip (spherical 30mm for GT-30R)
  • 03-00061B: Pedestal stand for discharge gun
  • 03-00052B: Load resistor mounting board (1.2m X 1.2m
  • 03-00027A: Load resistor mounting board
  • 03-00060A: GND cable positioner
  • 06-00001A: ESD current target
  • 06-00067A: ESD current target
  • 06-00068A: ESD target calibration adaptor
  • 00-00010A: 6dB attenuator
  • 00-00011A: 20dB attenuator
  • 02-00132A: High frequency responsible coaxial cable
  • 02-00133A: Conversion connector (BNC-SMA)
  • 03-00039A: Test table
  • 03-00004A: Insulation sheet
  • 03-00005A: Vertical coupling plate (with pedestal)
  • 03-00007A: Ground reference plane (3 pcs. to be one set)
  • 03-00020A: Horizontal coupling plate (Aluminum)
  • 05-00054B: Discharge resistance cable
  • 03-00034A: Vertical coupling plate for floor-standing EUT
  • 03-00024A: Insulating holder (1.2m X 1.2m)
  • 03-00051A: Charge protective mat
  • 01-00013A: Automated ESD eliminator
  • 03-00053A: Aluminum plate for test
  • 03-00054A: Insulating block
  • 03-00066A: Insulating support
  • 03-00055A: Conductive mat for ISO 10605 compliant test
  • 05-00104A: GND cable for ISO 10605 compliant test
  • 03-00065A: Coupling plate for ISO 10605 Annex F compliant test
  • 05-00125A: ESD elimination brush
  • 05-00052A: AUX connector junction box
  • 11-00014A: DSUB connector type warning lamp
  • 07-00022A: Optical USB module kit