Olympus Vanta XRF Analyzer Series

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The Olympus Vanta XRF Analyzer Series is a line of element analysis and alloy identification instruments that perform quick, laboratory-quality measurements in the field. A 4W x-ray tube enhanced by application-optimized anode material (rhodium (Rh), silver (Ag), or tungsten (W)) serves as the excitation source. Primary beam filtration operates via an 8-position auto-selected filter, per beam, per mode. To help with results analysis, the Olympus Vanta offers features like SmartSort, which will automatically lengthen or shorten test time in order to save time, and grade match messaging, real time/popup messages that refer to familiar trade and grade names.

The Olympus Vanta XRF Analyzer Series features the following models.
Model Element(s) Power
Vanta M Series Rhodium (Rh) & Tungsten (W) 8-50 kV
Vanta C Series Rhodium (Rh) & Tungsten (W)
Silver (Ag)
8-40 kV
8-50 kV
Vanta L Series PMI Device for API practices, FAC, HF alkylation