Bruker EOS 500 Handheld LIBS

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The Bruker EOS 500 Handheld LIBS is a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) system firing a class 3B, 1064nm laser with an average power of ~100mW, density of > 1GW/cm² and rep. rate of 5KHz. The Bruker EOS 500 performs analysis based on laser excitation of a metal sample followed by quantitative analysis of the light generated in the plume. This technology provides quick (3-5 sec) analysis of alloys. In addition to the normal XRF elements, the Bruker EOS 500 is capable of measuring very light elements such as Li, Be and B, as well as quick analysis of Mg, Al and Si. Optional calibrations are available for Iron, Nickel, Copper and Cobalt alloys. This unit is especially well suited to the scrap-sorting of these alloys because of its quick and user friendly operation. Because Bruker EOS 500 LIBS devices are well suited to measuring low atomic number elements like alkaline (Li, Na, etc.) and alkaline-earth metals (Be, Mg, etc.), they are perfectly paired with XRF devices, which specialize in measuring high atomic number elements.