Thermo Fisher Niton XL5 Plus Handheld XRF Analyzer

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The Thermo Fisher Niton XL5 Plus Handheld XRF Analyzer is a highly accurate and versatile XRF gun for the precise verification of alloys and metals. The XL5 Plus XRF analyzer has a small, lightweight design that still delivers detection and analysis that can usually only be found in a lab. The XRF gun uses a 5W X-ray tube, returning quick results with details on heavy metal screening, geochemical data, and coating or plating thickness.

Even while performing a detailed analysis, the Thermo Fisher Niton XL5 XRF Analyzer has a user-friendly design and interface. The XRF analyzer offers a 6 position filter wheel to provide an improved spectral range coverage. The device also features various calibration modes for improved analysis, including those for General Metals, Precious Metals, Electronic Alloys, and Spectral Fingerprint.