Olympus Vanta M Series XRF Analyzer

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The Olympus Vanta M Series XRF Analyzer is an advanced handheld elemental analysis device that surpasses its peers in the Vanta XRF analyzer series with its exceptional performance in applications with the lowest limits of detection, or LODs. Vanta M Series models are equipped with sensitive large-area silicon drift detectors and 50 kV X-ray tubes with a rhodium (Rh) anode. Ideal for scrap sorting, PMI, geochemistry, mining, jewelry ID, soil analysis and an array of other applications, the Vanta M Series adheres to IP65 and MIL-STD 810G standards. Features include SmartSort, which shortens or lengthens test time based on material, and real-time grade matching notifications.

The Vanta C Series XRF Analyzer is part of the Vanta XRF Analyzer Series.