OMICRON CP TD1 Capacitance and Tan Delta Test Unit

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Rent OMICRON CP TD1 12 kV, 300 mA Capacitance (Power & Dissipation Factor) - Tan Delta Test Unit
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Combined with the CPC 100, the OMICRON CP TD1 Capacitance/Dissipation Factor Testing Device measures the capacitance and dissipation factor (power factor) with laboratory precision. This allows the insulation condition of transformers, generators and other parts of high-voltage systems to be tested according to IEEE 62 (C57.152), IEC 60076-1 and -3, as well as the CIGRE "Guide for Transformer Maintenance". As recommended in the CIGRE Guide, testing is performed at variable frequencies to better diagnose signs of ageing in insulation. The portable test system (max. 29 kg per component) can also generate output voltages of up to 12 kV.
  • Testing at variable frequencies - better diagnosis of signs of ageing in insulation
  • Simple transport thanks to trolley - heaviest component just 29 kg
  • Excellent suppression of mains frequency interference fields
  • Automated testing – via PC using the Primary Test Manager software or via the user interface of the CPC 100 (includes testing templates)
  • Reporting - Detailed analysis with trend displays and graphics