OMICRON TESTRANO 600 Three-phase Power Transformer Test System

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The OMICRON TESTRANO 600 Three-phase Power Transformer Test System supports all common electrical tests. The TESTRANO supports power transformers for routine and diagnostic testing onsite or during factory acceptance tests. The TESTRANO 600 can perform various tests on power transformers without re-connecting. The TESTRANO 600 is equipped with an active discharge that automatically discharges winding within a matter of seconds after measurements have been performed. This guarantees a high level of safety for technicians when performing tests and measurements. The TESTRANO 600 can be operated via the smart TESTRANO TouchControl on the integrated 10.6-inch, multi-touch display, or technicians can benefit from utilizing the step-by-step guidance of the Primary Test Manager software used via your laptop. The TESTRANO energizes all three phases at once allowing simultaneous testing of all three phases which leads to reduced rewiring effort and shorter test times.The TESTRANO combines with CP TD1 which allows technicians to perform measurements across frequency ranges from 15 Hz to 400 Hz. This increases the sensitivity of tests and enables the detection of problems to be shown sooner.