PCB Piezotronics 378B02 Free-Field Microphone

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The PCB Piezotronics 378B02 Free-Field Microphone is a pre-polarized microphone and preamplifier combination for applications where the audible range frequencies need to be accurately measured in areas free of reflective surfaces. The high sensitivity allows for low amplitudes to 15.5 dB(A) to be tested. The PCB Piezotronics 378B02 is suited for a wide variety of auto, aerospace, and R&D applications making it one of the best-selling microphones.

Acoustic pressure waves may be altered by objects in the sound field including the microphone itself. The PCB Piezotronics 378B02 corrects for its own presence, providing more accurate measurements within a free-field. With this product, you can expect quality performance for fields such as transfer path analysis and environmental noise monitoring.