Chroma 61611 AC/DC Power Source

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The Chroma 61611 Programmable AC/DC Power Source delivers a vast range of both AC and DC voltages for offset power testing in labs. Thanks to high-speed PWM technology, the 61611 power source creates a power output with greater reliability and improved power density. The Chroma power source promises a large voltage range from 0 to 300 V. The device also features an impressive 30 kVA of AC power. The programmable design is another user-friendly function to choose the slew rate of both the voltage and frequency. Users can also change from a single-phase output to a three-phase output depending on test needs. The Chroma 61611 Programmable AC/DC Power Source offers many user-friendly features and a functional design for a device that is ideal for simulating a variety of line conditions and measurements.