Adaptive Power Systems APS1030 Frequency Converter

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The Adaptive Power Systems APS1030 is a single-phase output frequency converter possessing a rated power of 30kVA. APS1000 converters allow users to duplicate utility grids of 50 or 60 Herz for export product testing or the operation of imported equipment. Power multiple AC products simultaneously with this product, a simple and cost effective solution for higher power single-phase AC power conversion.  The applications of the APS1000 are diverse. Frequency and voltage conversion is conducted efficiently over a frequency range of 45 to 500Hz, the output frequency featuring quartz-crystal stabilization. Output voltages up to 300 VAC or 600VAC are provided. Equipped with a powerful microcontroller, which stabilizes and increases the accuracy of the output frequency, APS1030 models are perfect for AC power testing, programmable to supply a variety of power conditions while undergoing tests and metering all output parameters. To power up shipboard or airborne equipment, harness the APS1030's 500A of current.

The APS1030 is the fifth model in the Adaptive Power Systems APS1030 Frequency Converter Series.