Preen AFV-P-2500 Programmable AC Power Source

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Preen AFV-P-2500 Programmable AC Power Source
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Preen AFV-P-2500
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AFV-P-2500 Datasheet
The Preen AFV-P-2500 AC Power Source delivers 2500VA of energy with DC output and precision measurement. This power source produces 2000W with a max current of 20A. The AFV-P series provides clean power with THD less than 0.3% at 50/60 Hz, and offers output voltage of 0-310 V at a frequency of 40-500 Hz (opt. 15-1000 Hz). It is essential for commercial, defense and aerospace test applications from design verification to quality assurance, ATE and mass production. AFV-P series units measure rms voltage, rms current, true power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor, reactive power and more.

The Preen AFV-P is an ideal unit for representing different real-world grid conditions, especially power adapters testing by varying frequency and voltage during manufacturing tests. The AFV-P’s output frequency can go up to 1000Hz, which is suitable to test avionic devices with 400Hz or 800Hz. The power line disturbance features, such as Step, Ramp, and Transient, allow the user to build a wide range of waveforms in a sequence to simulate grid faults and fluctuations, and these can also be easily configured by your model’s control software.

The Preen AFV-P-2500 Programmable AC Power Source is the third model in the Preen AFV-P High Performance Programmable AC Power Source Series.
Preen AFV-P-2500 Features
  • Compact and high power density: 600VA to 2500 VA is only 2U and 5000 VA is 5U.
  • AC source with DC output: extend the applications to DC testing
  • Wide output voltage of 0-310V and output frequency of 15-1000 Hz
  • THD is only under 0.3 % when output power is under 100 Hz
  • Ideal for inrush current: capable to deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current.
  • Start/End phase angle: users can define the start and end phase angle from 0° to 360°
  • Current foldback feature: have output current maintain constant based on the load which output voltage varies.
  • STEP and RAMP function: ideal for voltage and frequency variation tests and effectively reduces the inrush current during motor startup.
  • TRANSIENT generation provides users an easy setup for power line disturbance (PLD) simulation.
  • Users can quickly set and view the parameters via 5 inches touch panel or rotary knob, which provides an easy operation and measurement display.
  • Free control software and LabVIEW driver: allow users to easily program and remote control.
  • High slew rate: less than 300 µs from 0~90% output voltage
Preen AFV-P-2500 Specs
Voltage Range 0 - 420Vrms
Voltage Accuracy ±(0.2% of reading + 5 counts)
Voltage Resolution 0.1V
Frequency Range 15 - 1000Hz
Frequency Accuracy ±0.1Hz at 40.0 - 500Hz, ±0.2Hz at 501 - 1000Hz
Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
Current Accuracy ±(1% of reading + 5 counts) at 40.0 - 500Hz, ±(1% of reading + 10 counts) at 501 - 1000Hz
Peak Current Resolution 0.1A
Power Accuracy ±(2% of reading + 10 counts) @ 40 - 500Hz, ±(2% of reading + 15 counts) @ 501 - 1000Hz
Model Max. Current Volt-Ampere Watts
AFV-P-600 10A 600VA 500W
AFV-P-1250 20A 1250VA 1000W
AFV-P-2500 20A 2500VA 2000W
AFV-P-5000 40A 5000VA 4000W