Schloder SESD 230 ESD Simulator, 30 kV

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The Schloder SESD 230 ESD Simulator is a 30 kV ESD gun capable of air discharge and contact discharge. Schloder SESD 230 ESD guns simulate electrostatic discharge as defined by IEC / EN 61000-4-2. Dependent on the EUT and the test set-up for laboratory tests, the Schloder SESD 230 can be utilized for two methods the IEC standard specifies: air discharge and contact discharge.

In the air discharge test method, the discharge of the high-voltage is in the air, and the test voltage can be varied from 500 V to 30,000 V. The very short rise time of every single pulse generates a wide RF spectrum and interference. In the contact discharge method, the discharge electrode with a sharp point is connected to the EUT, and the discharge switch is a vacuum relay. The Schloder SESD 230 ESD uses these test methods to reduces the interference of parameters like approach speed, amplitude, humidity, and temperature.