Modal Shop 2110E Dual Purpose Shaker 110lbf

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The Modal Shop 2110E Dual Purpose Shaker is an electrodynamic exciter that delivers up to 110 lbf pk sine force over a frequency range of 0 - 4000Hz. Modal Shop 2110E shakers possess a large armature (3.25 inch diameter platform table supporting payloads up to 10 lbs) ideal for traditional vibration control testing of components and subassemblies. The Modal Shop 2110E is also designed with a through-hole armature and includes a chuck and collet attachment, providing simple set-up with stingers for experimental modal analysis applications. When used in this configuration, these stingers greatly simplify test setup with an easy connection to the force sensor and test structure, and help decouple cross-axis force inputs, minimizing force measurement errors.