Yokogawa DL9140 Digital Oscilloscope 1 GHz 4 CH 5 GS/s

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The DL9140 offers you the strongest combination of performance, ease of use, and value among digital oscilloscopes in the 500 MHz to 1.5 GHz range. It contains a wide array of analysis functions that include parameter statistics, trends, real time filters, serial bus analysis and power analysis.

DL9000 Series models are available with 2.5 M points of waveform memory on each of four channels and with an "L" version containing 6.25 M points on each channel. In accumulate mode, the DL9000 overlays up to 2000 acquisitions on the screen that you can scroll through to look for signal peculiarities.

The DL9000 series allows you to measure waveforms for long periods of time using its large-capacity memory. In addition, the memory can be partitioned to capture only the necessary waveforms (History Memory function). The History Memory function retains up to 2,000 waveforms in its internal memory while constantly updating them. Now suppose an abnormal signal occurs. You can view it even if some time has elapsed since the occurrence, as long as the signal is included in the previous 2,000 waveforms.