AE Techron T1000 Magnetic-Field Susceptibility Transformer

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The T1000 Magnetic-Field Susceptibility Transformer was designed to exceed the AF Magnetic Field susceptibility test requirements of DO 160 Section 19 and Boeing D6-16050 Section 7.2.2. It may also be used as a 10-to-1 step-down transformer for output current of up to 100ARMS.

The T1000 transformer provides up to 300A/m and is able to generate up to 100A. The turns ratio provides a ten-to-one step down to the secondary winding.

The T1000 provides convenient input connectors via binding posts. Standard 0.75-inch spacing of binding posts allows use of standard plugs. Output is via Multi Contact 125A plugs.

A 12-amp circuit breaker protects the unit against over-current conditions. A rugged, impact-resistant case and robust design protects the transformer from accidental damage.