AE Techron 8512 Amplifier

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The AE Techron 8512 Amplifier is a wide-bandwidth, high-power digital amplifier that provides 12kW output power and 180A RMS output current. AE Techron 8512 Amplifiers possess a collection of advantages: wide bandwidth, very low noise, high efficiency and the ability to safely drive a wide variety of load types and impedances.

This combination of abilities, flexibility, and ease-of-use makes the AE Techron 8512 Amplifier a singular solution for many common and some previously unsolvable amplifier applications. 8512 amplifiers can be used for EMC conducted immunity testing, MIL-PRF capacitor tests, DC automotive dropout testing and as a variable AC source for ISO 61000, Aviation and Power Quality Measurements.

The AE Techron 8512 Amplifier is the third model in the AE Techron 8500 Series of amplifiers.