AEMC 3945 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad

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Rent AEMC 3945 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad
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Rent AEMC 3945 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad Rent AEMC 3945 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad
AEMC Instruments 3945
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3945 Datasheet Accessory Kit

The AEMC 3945 Power Quality Analyzer has full color graphical display lets you see and analyze volts, amps and harmonic content in real time and take pictures to document and analyze clearly. Its high speed sample rate, at 256 samples per cycle, provides excellent fidelity in reproducing waveforms and capturing transients that happen as fast as 62.5µs.

The AEMC 3945 PowerPad’s 4MB of memory is conveniently partitioned to let you store four different types of data, synchronized or independent of each other. You can store up to 12 screen snapshots, up to 50 captured transients that contain four cycles for each active input, and 4096 alarm events. You can also record trend data for days, weeks or even months.

AEMC Instruments 3945 Features
  • True RMS single-, two- and three-phase measurements at 256 samples/cycle, plus DC
  • Real-time color waveforms
  • Easy-to-use on-screen setup
  • Automatic current probe recognition and scaling
  • True RMS voltage and current measurement
  • Measures DC volts, amps and power
  • Display and capture voltage, current and power harmonics to 50th order, including direction, in real time
  • Capture transients down to 1/256th of a cycle
  • Phasor diagram display
  • Peak voltage and current
  • Nominal frequency from 40 to 70Hz
  • VA, VAR and W per phase and total
  • kVAh, VARh and kWh per phase and total
  • Neutral current display for three-phase
  • Crest factors for current and voltage
  • Transformer K-factor display
  • Power Factor, displacement PF display
  • Captures up to 50 transients
  • Short-term flicker display
  • Phase unbalance (current and voltage)
  • Harmonic Distortion (total and individual) from 1st to 50th
  • Alarms, surges and sags
  • Records date and characteristics of disturbances
  • Immediate printout directly to a printer
  • Screen snapshot function captures waveforms or other information on the display
  • Optically isolated RS-23 communication port
  • Includes DataView®Professional software for data storage, analysis and report generation
  • EN 61010, 600V Cat. III
AEMC Instruments 3945 Applications
  • Verification of power distribution circuits
  • Measurement and recording of power
  • Energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh)
  • In plant troubleshooting of power distribution panels and individual machinery
  • Monitor pad mount transformers
  • Determine harmonic problems originating from source or load
  • Monitor phase unbalances
  • Determine transformer K-factor
  • And much, much more

How to use an AEMC 3945 Power Quality Analyzer