Amplifier Research 1000T2G8B CW TWT Amplifier

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The Amplifier Research 1000T2G8B is a traveling wave tube (TWT) microwave broadband amplifier with an output power of 1000 W and a frequency range of 2.5 GHz - 7.5 GHz. AR 1000T2G8B amplifiers are air-cooled, self-contained continuous wave amplification devices designed for high gain, high output power applications that call for an instantaneous bandwidth. The digital front panel of the Amplifier Research 1000T2G8B unit displays both reflected and forward output as well as system status indicators. An IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface, gain control, VSWR protection and TWT helix current monitoring are built in to the device. AR 1000T2G8B models conduct EMC radiated susceptibility testing for fields like industrial manufacturing and defense.