Amplifier Research 200T1G3 TWT Amplifier .8 GHz - 2.8 GHz 200W

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The Amplifier Research 200T1G3 0.8 GHz - 2.8 GHz, 200W CW TWT Amplifier is a 200 watt L-band traveling wave-tube amplifier (TWTA). The amplifier uses a 250 watt traveling-wave tube (TWT) to provide 200 watts minimum output over the TWT amplifier's full bandwidth. The amplifier is well suited for susceptibility and general laboratory testing where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required.

The Amplifier Research 200T1G3 0.8-2.8GHz, 200W CW TWT Amplifier is completely self-contained and packaged for standard 19-inch rack mounting or bench top use. The front panel of the rack mountable amplifier is 10.5 inches high, and the overall unit is 28.25 inches deep, excluding the rear-panel connectors. For bench top use, the amplifier is supplied in an enclosure with integral carrying handles.

Primary power is 190 - 260 Volts 50 - 60 Hz, single phase. An efficient switching power supply design provides minimum power consumption. A fast regulation control loop and a high degree of filtering ensure performance within specifications over a wide range of operating conditions. The amplifier is fully enclosed, and the lower panel of the rack mountable amplifier is interlocked to reduce the likelihood of accidental contact with high voltage.