Amplifier Research 40T18G26A TWT Microwave Amplifier

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The Amplifier Research 40T18G26A TWT Microwave Amplifier is a broadband signal-boosting device designed, to succeed in applications requiring amplifiers with high gain, moderate output power, and wide instantaneous bandwidth. The Amplifier 40T18G26A is the ideal instrument for conducting EMC RF susceptibility testing, corporate research, development, and service applications. The 40T18G26A produces 40 W of continuous wave output power with an instantaneous frequency response range of 18 to 26.5 GHz. The front panel digital display of the AR 40T18G26A Amplifier provides forward and reflected output in addition to significant system status information that is accessed through several menus via soft buttons. The Amplifier Research 40T18G26A will alert you whether the device is running, detecting problems, in standby mode, or encountering excessive reflected power. The RF and power supply components of the AR 40T18G26A Amplifier can be easily accessed and repaired thanks to their modular architecture. When switching mode power supply, it reduces the weight significantly of the 40T18G26A TWT Microwave Amplifier.