Amplifier Research 40T18G26A TWT Microwave Amplifier

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The Amplifier Research 40T18G26A TWT Microwave Amplifier is a broadband signal-boosting device crafted to excel in applications calling for amplifiers with high gain, moderate output power and wide instantaneous bandwidth. Generating 40 W of continuous wave output power with an instantaneous frequency response range of 18-26.5 GHz, the Amplifier Research 40T18G26A is an ideal instrument for conducting EMC RF susceptibility testing, university and industrial research and development and service applications. The Amplifier Research 40T18G26A will indicate to you when the unit is on standby, operating, detecting faults or experiencing excess reflected power. The device's front panel is digital and displays both reflected and forward output along with a trove of system status information, which can be accessed via soft-key menu navigation.