Amrel FCL Series Electronic Loads For Fuel Cell Testing

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Rent Amrel FCL Series Electronic Loads For Fuel Cell Testing
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Amrel FCL
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The Amrel FCL Series Electronic Loads For Fuel Cell Testing is the ideal all-in-one solution that packages a booster supply for true "0-volt at high-current" operations. The FCL also has an embedded FRA for impedance measurement/EIS, and a full featured high-speed dynamic dc load in an ultra-compact 3U (5.25") air-cooled package. AMREL’s FCL offers the industry’s highest current rating of 200Adc, as well as custom-tailored voltage, current and power ratings.
Amrel FCL Features
  • Embedded FRA (Frequency Response Analyzer) Without the Hassles of External Cables
  • Built-in Booster Power Supply to Test Down to 0Vdc at Full Operating Current
  • Fully Integrated 200W, 400W, 800W and 1.5kW Air-cooled Electronic eLoad
  • Impedance Measurement Software Without the Costs of Purchasing Additional Software
  • CC/CV/CR/CP Operating Modes to Meet Demanding Application Specific Requirements
  • Dynamic Operation Up to 20kHz Provides Accurate Impedance Measurements
  • Dynamic Profile Loading Via Voltage and Current Sweeps for Polarization Curves, Durability/Lifetime Tests,
  • Simulate Real-world Applications and Other Dynamic Test Requirements
  • LabVIEW & LabWindows Drivers, Virtual Panel & SCPI Commands for Simple ATE Integration
  • The One-box Solution for Testing Electrical Specs, Validating Performance Targets and Evaluating the
  • Impedance Losses for Fuel Cells
  • Widest Model Selection-10Vdc/20Vdc/30Vdc FCL Rated at 100 or 200Amps.
Amrel FCL Specs
Remote Interfaces RS-232, GPIB & USB/ETHERNET
Analog Programming 0 ~ 10Vdc
Accuracy Mode Accuracy ± 0.1% of Rating
Vmon Accuracy 0.10% of RDG ± 0.1% of Rating
Imon Accuracy 0.10% of RDG ± 0.1% of Rating
Frequency Range 0.1Hz ~ 20kHz
Accuracy 0.10%
AC Input 95~240Vac / 48 ~ 62Hz