Kikusui PLZ6000R Regenerative DC Electronic Load 6 kW

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Rent Kikusui PLZ6000R Regenerative DC Electronic Load 6 kW
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Kikusui PLZ6000R
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PLZ6000R Datasheet
The Kikusui PLZ6000R Regenerative DC Electronic Load 6 kW is a load that regenerates load power to the AC line. Regular electronic loads consume load power by having semiconductor devices convert it into heat. By contrast, PLZ6000R converts load power into reusable electric power, rather than converting it into heat as is typically done, and feeds this power to the AC line, thereby substantially reducing the amount of waste energy. PLZ6000R is an environment-friendly electronic load that can contribute significantly to your energy saving efforts.
Kikusui PLZ6000R Specs
Input Voltage Range: AC180 V to 220 V (3-phase 3-wire)
Input Frequency Range: 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Power Consumption: 200 VA (when no load is input)
Maximum Regenerated Power: 5600 VA
Power Regeneration Efficiency: 85% or more
Kikusui PLZ6000R Applications
  • Aging and evaluation testing for DC/DC converters and various types of power supplies.
  • Evaluation and durability testing for alternators and motors generators.
  • Discharge testing for different types of batteries (lead, lithium, and assembled batteries).
  • Dummy load testing for equipment powered by natural energy (solar cells and wind power generation).
  • Evaluation testing for fuel cells and stacks.