Chroma 63212E-150-1200 DC Load

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The Chroma 63212E-150-1200 DC Load is a high power DC load system that operates over a broad range of rated power, from 0-3000W. This model features a voltage of 1500V, and a current range of 600A. The 63212E features several operating modes such as: constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, and constant power. This inclusion of multiple operating modes allows for a broad scope of testing to be completed.

To improve upon its testing abilities, the Chroma 63212E-150-120 also includes master/slave parallel control with up to 10 units, allowing users to increase power levels to meet specific testing requirements. Other features of the Chroma 63212E-150-120 include synchronous control in static and dynamic loads, precision voltage & current measurement, and multiple testing simulations. These features provide comprehensive information for testing a variety of EV products.