Megger Torkel 840 DC Battery Load Tester

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Rent Megger Torkel 840 DC Battery Load Tester
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Megger 840
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840 Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Megger Torkel 840 DC Battery Load Tester is made for battery systems in the range from 12 V to 250 V, often encountered in switchgear and other equipment alike. Discharging can take up to 110 A, and two or more 840 units or extra load units can be linked together if there is a need for a higher current. Tests can be done at constant current, power and resistance or in accordance with pre-selected load profile.
Megger 840 Features
  • "In Service" batteries can be tested
  • Load currents in the test parameters are included as the unit adjusts
  • Adjustable alarm and shutdown points to prevent excessive discharge
  • Easily expanded for larger battery banks using TXL extra load units
  • "Real Time" viewable test parameters/results using TORKEL WIN software
  • Easily save results to a PC for analysis, report generation, and storage
Megger 840 Specs
Max Battery Voltage: 288 V DC
Max Current: 110 A
Max Power: 15 kW
Load Patterns: Constant current, constant power,
constant resistance, current or power
Current Setting: 0-110.0 A (2999.9 A)
Power Setting: 0-15.00 kW (299.99 kW)
Resistance Setting: 0.1-2999.8 Ω
Battery Voltage Range: 4 ranges, selected automatically at
start of test