Chroma 63209 DC Electronic Load

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Chroma 63209 DC Electronic Load
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Chroma 63209
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63209 Datasheet
The Chroma 63209 DC Electronic Load is a 0-80 V, 0-1000 A, 15 kW direct-current load simulation system developed to test a wide array of DC power sources, server power supplies, battery chargers, converters and other DC power-supplying instruments. The Chroma 63209 also features a Master/Slave paralleling control mode for high-power applications, and multiple loads can be operated in tandem and synchronized via a loading control signal.

Chroma 63209 models offer four operating modes for different load simulation methods. The CC and CR modes diagnose constant-voltage converters and power supplies, while CV mode mimics a battery system to test battery chargers and CP mode simulates real-discharge profiles. Throughout the four modes, dynamic loading is possible up to 20 kHz, and only 1 V draws the rated current of the device.
Chroma 63209 Features
  • 15 kW, 1000 A, 80 V DC electronic load
  • Four modes for different applications: CC, CR, CV, CP
  • Master/Slave parallel control capability
  • Dynamic loading up to 20 kHz
  • LCD / LED display
  • Simulates external loading waveform, short circuit and short circuit current
  • OP, OC, OV, OT and reverse protection built in
  • RS-232 & GPIB interface with remote controller
Chroma 63209 Specs
General Specifications
Power 15 kW
Current 0-1000A
Voltage 1-80V
Min. operating voltage 1V@100A 1V@1000A
Constant Current Mode
Range 0-100A 0-1000A
Resolution 31.25mA 250mA
Accuracy 0.1%+0.2%F.S. 0.1%+0.2%F.S.
Constant Resistance Mode
Range 0.0025-10 ohms 0.125-500 ohms
Resolution 12bits 12bits
Accuracy*2 1.2mho+0.35% 1.2mho+0.1%
Accuracy*3 1.2mho+0.35% 0.024mho+0.35%
Constant Voltage Mode
Range 1-16V 1-80V
Resolution 4 mV 20 mV
Accuracy 0.05%+0.1%F.S. 0.05%+0.1%F.S.
Constant Power Mode
Range 2.5-1560W 20-15600W
Resolution 31.255mW 225mW
Accuracy 0.5%+0.5%F.S. 0.5%+0.5%F.S.
Range 0-100A 0-1000A
Resolution 31.25mA 250mA
Accuracy 0.4%FS
Voltage Read Back
Range 0-16V 0-80V
Resolution 15bits
Accuracy 0.05%+0.05%F.S.