Megger Torkel 950 Battery Load Unit

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The Megger Torkel 950 Battery Load Unit is a discharge test system which discharges energy at up to 220A and 500V, providing technicians with a comprehensive insight into battery capacity. Multiple Megger Torkel 950 Battery Load Units can be linked together in situations requiring higher current. Constant current, constant power and constant resistance testing can be conducted with Megger Torkel 950 devices, or testing in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. In conjunction with a cell voltage logger connected directly to the Torkel 900 called the BVM, the Megger Torkel 950 Battery Load Unit is a complete stand-alone discharge test system. After starting the discharge, the Megger Torkel 950 keeps the current constant at the preset level. When the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, Torkel issues an alarm. If the voltage drops so low that there is risk of utterly discharging the battery, the device shuts down the test. All values are stored and easily be transferrable via an USB-stick to a PC for evaluation. Testing can be carried out without disconnecting the battery from the equipment it serves; via a DC clamp-on ammeter, the Megger Torkel 950 measures total battery current while regulating it at a constant level. Furthermore, the high discharge capacity of the device is an opportunity to shorten test times.