Associated Research 5321 Hipot Tester 100kV DC

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Associated Research 5321 Hipot Tester, 100 kVDC
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Associated Research 5321
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5321 Datasheet
100 kVDC, 500 VA, 5 mA Hipot Leakage Tester
Associated Research 5321 Features
  • Zero start interlock to prevent misapplication of high voltage
  • Four range current meter with low current range of 0-5 microamperes in order to allow accurate hipot testing of all cable types
  • Current limited to 5 milliamperes to protect personnel and equipment
  • DC test potential continuously variable, metered directly at the output for accurate monitoring of test voltage
  • Automatic output shorting to safely discharge the item under test
Associated Research 5321 Specs
Output 0 - 100 kVDC at 5 mA
Duty Cycle Continuous
Metering kV Meter Scaled 0-25/50/100 kV 500/1000/2000 volt reading resolution
Current 0-5/50/500/5000 microamps; .1/1/10/100 microamp reading resolution
Accuracy ±2% on voltage and current metering
Failure Detector Current sensitive overload system monitoring current in return side of output. Fixed sensitivity of 5 mA
Terminations SuperFlex shielded HV output cable 15 ft. (4.6m) and 15 ft. (4.6m) ground and return cables
Input 115V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Weight Control Section: 26 lbs
High-voltage Section: 89 lbs