High Voltage PTS-100 DC Hipot Megohmmeter, 100 kVA, 10 mA

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The High Voltage PTS-100, 100 kVA, 10 mA DC Hipot Megohmmeter is a combination high voltage DC proof testers and HV Megohmmeters. Testing for dielectric strength and insulation resistance is now served with one instrument, saving money, size and weight. The PTS-100 is designed and constructed with field use in mind. It is rugged, reliable and contains all of the features needed for electrical maintenance testing of new or installed electrical apparatus.

The PTS-100 is designed with separate controls and HV tank. It's fully adjustable and may be used to its full rating for either Hipot or Megohmmeter applications. The PTS-100 contains numerous features that makes it one of the best Hipot/Megohmmeters available.