Bird 8329-300 High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator

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The Bird 8329-300 RF Power Attenuator is a low-reflection resistance network for use in reducing RF power in 50-ohm transmission lines. The Bird 8329-300 may be used for isolation of power sources up to 2000 W and low-level monitoring. This attenuator is useful for lowering a high input RF power to a level suitable for feeding into an oscilloscope, frequency counter or similar device. The low power value obtained at the output of the attenuator can easily be read on an oscilloscope or terminated in a small RF load resistor. It is a self-contained instrument that requires no external source of power (except if blower equipped) or utility service.

The Bird 8329-300 is a valuable and reliable accessory for reducing power levels and VSWR, isolating components under test, and harmonic signal analysis. This RF power attenuator is world-renowned for its high-quality, robust construction and conservative power ratings.