Keysight N4690D-003 ECal Microwave Electronic Calibration Module, 18 GHz

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The Keysight N4690D-003 ECal is an 18 GHz, 2-port, type-N, 50 ohm microwave electronic calibration module that empowers users to calibrate their VNAs with enhanced precision and accuracy. Keysight ECal modules are designed to calibrate a VNA (vector network analyzer) with a single connection, and can be operated from a Keysight network analyzer without a PC. Faster, simpler, and more precise than traditional calibration methods, the Keysight N4690D-003 ECal also provides a DC option to extend the calibration frequency range down to DC. This expands the calibration scope to a wide frequency that ranges from DC to 67 GHz without the need for making multiple connections.

The Keysight N4690D-003 model features Option 003, which begins its frequency range at 300 kHz.