Bird 8401 Coaxial Load 1 GHz, 600 W, 50 ohm

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Bird 8401 Coaxial Load 1 GHz, 600 W, 50 ohm
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Bird Technologies 8401
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8401 Datasheet
The Bird 8401 Coaxial Load 1 GHz, 600 W, 50 ohm consist essentially of a carbon film-on-ceramic resistor immersed in a dielectric coolant. The resistor, individually selected for its accuracy, is enclosed in a special exponentially tapered housing. This provides a linear reduction in surge impedance directly proportional to the distance along the resistor. When surrounded by the dielectric coolant, the characteristic impedance is therefore 50 ohms at the front (connector end), 25 ohms at the mid-point to compensate for the resistance already passed over, and zero ohms at the rear where the resistor joins the housing, forming the return conductor of the coaxial circuit. This produces a uniform and practically reflection- less line termination over the stated frequencies for the load resistor.
Bird Technologies 8401 Features
  • Rugged portable Bench load for medium power base station RF testing up to 1 GHz
  • Oil-assisted convection cooling for safe, continuous operation up to 600W full rated power
  • Quick Change (QC) connectors to minimize the need for adapters when making critical measurements
  • Low-profile housing with handle and rubber feet for trouble-free operation in the most demanding environments